Kewaunee County Fair Association Farm Tractor Pull

Thursday, July 11, 2019
at Kewaunee County Fairgrounds, Luxemburg WI
start time 7:00 p.m.

Kewaunee County Fair Open Speed Show

**new date/weekend** Sunday, July 14, 2019
at Kewaunee County Fairgrounds, Luxemburg WI
start time 9am
Printable Showbill

CLASSES $4 each

1. TT Poles
2. Jr. Poles
3. Sr. Poles
4. Key Race
5. Fastest Trot
6. TT Home Run
7. Open Home Run
8. Pole-Barrel Combo
9. TT Flag
10. Open Flag
11. TT Barrels
12. Jr. Barrels
13. Sr. Barrels
14. TT Ball & Pail
15. Open Ball & Pail
16. Speed & Action
17. LT Special
18. TT Plug
19. Jr Plug
20. Sr Plug

AGES as of 1/1/19

  • TT –11 & under
  • Jr –12 –18
  • Sr –18 & over


  • TT –ribbons
  • Jr/Sr - $$$


  • divisions for TT,
  • Jr & Sr
  • **undetermined as of yet but if you know us, it will be COOL!
  • $5 sign up by 12 noon
  • horse/rider combo on # horses you beat

***per Kewaunee County Fair rules, NO dogs allowed on grounds

*SEI approved helmets for 18 yrs & under, boots with heel, * A horse may not run against itself, COMPLETE Coggins, Premise ID * NO refunds,can run tab with signed check, ride at own risk

*Kewaunee County Fair & its committee members not liable for any injury or theft,

*Show Committee –Kelley Lindsley 660-8920 & Stacey Lau 819-5565

*Show runs rain or shine, rain will delay start * show committee has final decision

**fair gate charges start at 9am**

Crown & Sash Dash

Crown and Sash Dash

A fun event that gives you an opportunity to let loose and break out the formal wear hanging in the back of your closet. FORMAL WEAR IS NOT REQUIRED


Crown & Sash Dash Information

Crown & Sash Dash Registration

Crown & Sash Dash Sponsor Letter


The Princess and Paws Event

July 14th, 2019 2pm -3pm
Kewaunee County Fairgrounds
Exhibition Hall, Luxemburg WI.

Meet and Greet
Paw Patrol Characters
Disney Princesses

Princess Cookies, Scooby Snacks and Milk
for the first 100 children
Decorate a crown to take home.
Sponsored by:

Paw Prints

Canine Kids Pet Care
Casco Kidz Zone
Kewaunee County Dairy Promotion
Sweet Like Us

2019 Kewaunee County Fair Junior Amateur Talent Competition

Sunday, July 14, 2019
at Kewaunee County Fairgrounds, Luxemburg WI
Prevea Children’s Stage in the Exhibition Building
start time 1:00 p.m.

Sponsored by:

Jack's Pizza

Kewaunee County Fair Board

Jack's Pizza and the Kewaunee County Fair Board

The show is open to legal residents of Wisconsin only Judges decisions are final.

Eligible contestants must fall into either of the two age divisions: Youth: ages 2 through 12 and Teen: ages 13 through 18 Note: A contestant’s age for the Wisconsin State Fair competition is determined at the time they win the local show.

A 12-year old (or 18 year old) could turn 13 (or 19) by the Wisconsin State Fair and still be eligible in the Youth (or Teen) division, as they met the age requirement at the time of qualification.

Acts are required to keep the performance at three minutes or less. Acts running longer than three minutes are subject to disqualification or point deduction. This will be at the judge’s discretion. Set up time is not included, but please limit set up time to one minute.

No more than five persons are allowed in one act. Piano accompanist is NOT included in an act and may be any age. No more than three accompanists permitted per act. Drums, amps, etc. are discouraged due to the one minute set up time. No combos, rock bands, or similar musical groups permitted.

We do allow recorded accompaniment. Pre-recorded accompaniment is suggested to be on a single tract and the judges prefer a single instrument accompaniment. Multiple tracts, although permitted, are not suggested. This is not a Karaoke contest. Any pre-recorded track with backing vocals is not allowed, and will be disqualified.

Contestants may only appear once in any given show. This applies to qualifying shows as well as the competition at the Wisconsin State Fair. Contestants may not perform a “solo” and then return in the same show in a duet or trio, for example. Contestants are allowed to perform in different acts in different shows, but they may only qualify for the Wisconsin State Fair with one act.

Professionals are NOT permitted to compete. This includes Union musicians and anyone whose principle source of income is from their talent. Compensation for performing at weddings, etc. does not constitute principle source of income.

Acts will need to provide their name, complete address, birth date, age, phone number (including area code), and type of talent. Multiple acts need to designate one member to act as a contact person with all the information going through them. Additional members of the act need only to provide birth date, age, and town.

WINNERS: Only one winner is permitted to advance to the Wisconsin State Fair from each division (Youth and Teen). NO TIES are permitted.

PRIZES: Top three acts from each division will be awarded for their performance with a cash prize and a medal. First place in each division will receive $100.00, second place will receive $50.00, and third place will receive $25.00.

Registration Forms

Teen Entry Form

Youth Entry Form